Longevity, mobility,
fertility, and performance
for animals through safe,
proven science.

Organ specific peptide research to rejuvenate, heal,
promote fertility and increase performance in animals.

Collaborative Research
Scientific Data
Pathogen-Free Peptides
Animals all over the world experience complex problems in the realm of of length and quality of
life as well as athletic performance.

Existing options cause unacceptable side effects and aren’t backed by peer reviewed science.

Quality and Longevity of Life

As our pets age, they can lose quality of life as mobility becomes reduced.  This can be very stressful for owners and family as they grapple with facing a final goodbye.  We are studying the use of peptides and stem-cells to heal and enhance health and add quality time with a beloved pet.

Incurable Diseases

Certain diseases have meant that the last time with your beloved pet means suffering for your animal and for you.

Small Litter Sizes

In certain exclusive and elite breeds we’ve seen the problem of small litter sizes and trouble with getting pregnant.


Animals that are involved in sports or various activities may benefit from peptide therapy to enhance performance.

Longevity & Performance Through Safe, Proven Science

BioPep partners with top-tier research institutions, universities and manufacturing facilities to provide empirical data on the effectiveness of organ-specific peptides’ ability to rejuvenate and heal. We utilize organopeptides manufactured at a US FDA-registered cGMP facility in Golden, Colorado (Vitro Biopharma) to ensure that all organopeptide products are pathogen-free and safe.

Top Tier Scientists & Research

Our Team is made up of some of the brightest minds
and best institutions.

Pathogen Gree

Thanks to the US FDA registerd cGMP
manufacturing facility. Vitro Bipharma in Golden, Colorado. all of the organopeptides used in our scientific research are guaranteed pahtogen free and safe for use.

Short Term use & Long Term Impact

We are studying the ability of short term use of
peptides to have long term heaalth benefits.
BioPep uses organopeptides
manufactured under strict quality control conditions.

BioPep organopeptides will be produced at a US FDA-registered CLIA, ISO90011, ISO13485 certified manufacturing facility at Vitro Biopharma in Golden, Colorado.

Join Us In This Collaborative Effort

We are looking for top tier research facilities and universities to join in the collaborative process testing the effectiveness and dosage protocols for organopeptides use in humans.

Step One

Contact Us

Contact our research team to join the collaboration.

Step Two

Clinical Trials

Utilize organopeptides in well-designed laboratory studies and clinical trials.

Step Three

New Therapies

Be at the forefront of bringing safe new therapies to market.

BioPep for Animals, powered by European Wellness
Biomedical Group

At BioPep we know that our animal companion’s health and performance is of great importance. As owners and caretakers, we want to provide safe, proven treatments and therapies to support our animal’s overall health, reproductive ability, and performance. The problem is, some medications and treatments, while they can help, may also have undesirable side effects. This can leave owners feeling conflicted as to the best course for an animals overall well being . We believe that the goals to enhance quality of life, enhance fertility and improve performance are achievable through safe, thoroughly tested, organ specific peptides and stem cells.  We understand that those responsible for animal welfare can have difficult choices when it comes providing care for animals.  That is why we are focused on researching and developing, safe, science driven treatments. BioPep’s research and development is powered by European Wellness, using animal derived peptides and stem cells from the FDA approved Charles River Labs colony. Our goal is to partner with top tier, global scientific institutions, veterinary university research teams and manufacturing facilities to broaden the reach and collective efforts. High quality science is a collaborative effort, and the strength of the team is in its network. We invite you to join our collaboration.

Stem Cell Research in Animals

Peptide therapy may lead to stem cell treatments. We have a unique line of stem cell research available. Autologous stem cell therapy is currently being used in therapy for animals. These stem cells are derived from fat and these produce inflammatory cytokines and growth factors and are not the best for interarticular injections. Mesenchymal stem cells may be a better option and the use or organ specific cells may be a viable option.   

Peptides Research from BioPep