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Pioneering Better Health Through Safe, Proven Science

Post Covid-19 Dyspnea,
Cardiomyopathy, and

Open label safety studies on organopeptides Post
Covid-19 Dyspnea and Cardiomyopathy in humans. (Europe)

Longevity & Senescence

Open label safety longevity studies on organopeptides in humans and dogs (USA, Japan and Europe); and laboratory research at Heidelberg University, Germany.

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Open label safety studies and clinical trials of
organopeptides in humans and animals.
(USA and Japan)


Pilot safety studies of organopeptides on fertility in show dogs and special breeds. (USA) Clinical trials of organopeptides on fertility in humans. (China)

Diabetes & Metabolic Disease

Invitro and Invivo studies of organopeptides
on beta-cells in rats and mice
(University of California, Irvine, USA)

Autoimmune Disease

Laboratory research on organopeptides. (Europe and USA) Open label studies of organopeptides in various autoimmune diseases in humans. (Europe and USA)

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Better Health Through Proven Science

Long term usage of medications may cause undesirable side effects that negatively impact health.

We believe that better health is achievable through safe, scientifically tested, organ specific peptides.

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